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Establishing different connections

Orbitum is a web browser that is also equipped with a built-in chat box so you would not have to constantly visit your social media account just to check your messages. It works just as well as the other leading browsers like Opera and Firefox, but aside from its unique chat feature, it also has a bunch of additional functions that make it stand out from the rest. Orbitum will give you a more entertaining browsing experience. 

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  • by Anonymous

    could be better. this runs slower than chrome on my machine. please fix. this uses more ram than chrome

  • by Anonymous

    Chrome but worse.. Nothing different from Google Chrome other than some bloatware. This browser is shockingly slower than Chrome itself.

  • by Anonymous

    Free browser to download. I'm happy that I downloaded Orbitum browser. It's really useful for my daily works, due to social netowrk integration. Pros: Social network integraton. speed. Cons: More skins

  • by Anonymous

    Best solution for Social network users!. Best solution for Social network users! I can chat with friends on facebook during web-serfing

  • by Anonymous

    The answer for todays world!. Just what the world needed! Chat without stoping on their doing! Amazing browser... Pros: chat and browsing. faster, easier, and secure. interface performance and its simplicity